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Distribution is key to the success of The Kid's Directory.
Our purpose is to put as many books as possible into the hands of people with disposable income who will use them.

We hire individuals on a contract basis to distribute books the first week of each month from our office, located at 5320 Gulfton, Suite 22, Houston, Texas 77081.Books are received around the 1st of the month and distribution must be completed within 3 days of receipt. Distribution must also be done during the week and during the day. There are retail points and doctor's offices on each route and they are only open at certain times of the day. The distributor needs to be available to do distribution during these business hours.

Because distribution is a contract position with the Kid's Directory, no taxes are deducted. We reimburse mileage and pay .06 cents per book for the first three months of distribution and .07 cents per book each month thereafter. The rate of pay is generally $12-$15 or more, not including mileage reimbursement.

If you are interested in a distributor position, as they become available, please complete the following application. Your information will be kept confidential in our "Hot List" for potential distributors.

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